Thursday, October 09, 2003

The Pole vaults to favouritism.

(Sorry about that, but Agatha made me say it and then ran away.)

"Pope John Paul is runaway favourite to win the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow, ahead of former Czech President Vaclav Havel, according to an Australian bookmaker.

The winner of the $US1.32 million prize, perhaps the world's top accolade, will be announced in Oslo tomorrow from a record field of 165 candidates.

"We've had a lot of interest in the pope," said Centrebet's Gerard Daffy.

"We're offering (US President) George W Bush and (British Prime Minister) Tony Blair at 200/1 but haven't had a single bet."

Centrebet today has the pope at 5-2 on - you bet $1 and get back $1.40 if he wins.

Mr Havel, who helped bring down the Iron Curtain in a "Velvet Revolution", trails him at 7/1 with Irish rock star Bono and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva tied on 10/1"

If the Pope does not win the Nobel Prize but performs well he will most likely be headed Downunder for another crack at the Melbourne Cup in November. The Pontiff is currently quoted at the juicy odds of 15/1.

"I realise it's all in the lap of the gods, well the one true God actually, but if the old bloke acquits himself well in the Cup we might think about popping him over the sticks at Aintree for his swan song", his Australian trainer Cardinal George Pell said last night.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Labor backbencher threatens to snub US President

"Federal Opposition leader Simon Crean has moved to stop at least one Labor backbencher from snubbing George W Bush during his speech to a joint sitting of parliament later this month.

But Tasmanian MP Harry Quick says he may still turn his back while the US leader delivers his address.

Earlier, Mr Quick said about 16 politicians from the ALP and other parties were planning a protest against the US President.

"During his speech, a group of us will stand with our white arm bands on and we will publicly turn our backs on the President of the United States of America," he said.

Mr Crean says he has since told Mr Quick such behaviour would be highly disrespectful."

Harry was one of the ALP's most vocal opponents of the deceitful Iraq crusade. Now's the time to tuck your conscience in your old kitbag Harry. That's what party discipline democracy is all about Harry. I think the phrase that has been become popular by the back-fillers of recent history is what Harry needs to keep in mind ... "move on".

While Simon (AKA "Mr. 17%") might view Harry's threat as disrespectful, Simon's move can be viewed as yet another classic "don't frighten the horses" driven response. Weak as piss!

People might be amused to know that this joint sitting is being organised during the Pollies school hols. A bucket full of our taxes is being put to good use to recall Parliament so as to allow Little Johnny to give his brown nose a spot of exercise around the nether regions of Australia's de facto Commander of Chief.

But when President Schwatzerzenegergerer is invited to address the Parliament of the 51st state of mind ... that will be an entirely different matter. I'll be up there in the front stalls waving Old Glory with unrestrained enthusiasm. Of course by that time I will be dirty dancing with Ms. Altzheimers.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Does my bum look big in Row D?

"Australia's expanding bottom line has sparked a trend for larger seats in some of the nation's newest sporting and cultural venues.

Melbourne Cricket Ground's new northern stand is reportedly one venue that has increased individual seat sizes by around 30 per cent, partly as a measure to cater for patrons' larger bottoms."