Saturday, November 01, 2003

"If you lie down with Nazis, you get up with fleas."

Just alerting the ROTW reader to a little known (even in Oz) Australian senator. Both Enoch Powell and Joe McCarthy would mighty proud to call this lad a son. HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Tone's moral high horse destined for the knackery.

"There are over 6,000 political and religious prisoners in Uzbekistan. Every year, some of them are tortured to death. Sometimes the policemen or intelligence agents simply break their fingers, their ribs and then their skulls with hammers, or stab them with screwdrivers, or rip off bits of skin and flesh with pliers, or drive needles under their fingernails, or leave them standing for a fortnight, up to their knees in freezing water. Sometimes they are a little more inventive. The body of one prisoner was delivered to his relatives last year, with a curious red tidemark around the middle of his torso. He had been boiled to death."

"So what of Tony Blair, the man who claims that human rights are so important that they justify going to war? Well, at the beginning of this year, he granted Uzbekistan an open licence to import whatever weapons from the United Kingdom Mr Karimov fancies. But his support goes far beyond that. The British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, has repeatedly criticised Karimov's crushing of democracy movements and his use of torture to silence his opponents. Like Roger Casement, the foreign office envoy who exposed the atrocities in the Congo a century ago, Murray has been sending home dossiers which could scarcely fail to move anyone who cares about human rights."

Blair has been moved all right: moved to do everything he could to silence our ambassador. Mr Murray has been threatened with the sack, investigated for a series of plainly trumped-up charges and persecuted so relentlessly by his superiors that he had to spend some time, like many of Karimov's critics, in a psychiatric ward, though in this case for sound clinical reasons. This pressure, according to a senior government source, was partly "exercised on the orders of No 10".

MORE ... Tony Blair's new friend: "Britain and the US claim a moral mandate - and back a dictator who boils victims to death "
The ghosts of Ari Fleischer and Alistair Campbell come back to haunt inform Tricky Dicky Haliburton.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

This On The Queries Log

beautification of mother theresa
Mother Theresa beautification

Sorry Peeps. There ain't enough anti-wrinkle cream in the world that could have helped her!!