Sunday, August 24, 2003

What sound does one hand clapping make? Watch the rich people at the proms who are far too important to be bothered using both hands and you'll find out.
With which parting words I call this session of 'The Rant of the Week' to an official close. I have mountains to climb in search of Neolithic circles. I have sea beds to plunder in the hopes of discovering missing Roman ports. I have Anglo Saxon carvings to preserve and the dark vaults of museums where normal people never tread,
In other words, it's been fun (not for me, of course, but I'm sure it was good for the rest of you) but, for now, there are other fish to fry. So I'm resigning my position as ROTW Editor as well as putting Scrag Ends on the back boiler where they can simmer into an illegible stew like most American cartoons.
There...I've done it. I feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders. On reflection I should never have bought a scarf knitted from granite.
I shall leave you now with these words:

"I go into Lancashire tomorrow, that part of the country lying beyond the mountains towards the western ocean. I go with a kind of dread and trust in divine providence."

William Camden (1551 - 1623)

TTFN - B. Hughes (Ex-Editor)