Sunday, November 30, 2003

Same old...same old...

wizzo chaps (chiz chiz) wer now the listnin careing shareing govermmmnt cos our leader hous master toni he say im listnin to the oiks thay kan ee-male me and texk me (hem hem) and tellyfone me and tell me wat thay think and wat i should do with the cuntry (Huraah for Sportsmaster Toni!!!!!) But then he dosent giv anyone his ee-male adresss or his fone number or his texk facks thing whatever it iz so nowon kan get in tuch with him too mak him listen to them. Not that it maters anywa becos if he did here anybody sayin somethin then it wood no dowt be in a dopeler affect as sevral months ago toni alzo say i hav no revers geer so im not listnin anyhow. and besides thos oiks hav nothing worth while saying anywai becose they ar stoopid and hav no propper educashon becos its to expensiv. but all thiz listnin and carin stuff maks uz look gud and wat with chrimbo coming (raz raz) we need evryone to ralli behind uz and help uz put ar decorashons up in the first formers house ov comons room so we beter luk good or else. Natrally the lord chanslors chrissmaz deckies ar the mos expensive (as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!) costin abowt fife million squid a streemer cos there made of solid gold and its traditshon and wot not. And toni say mek sure that deupty hed boy lardars prescott dosent eet all the pork pies again thiz yeer like he did last chrispmas and then get drunk and punch the refectry staff in there oiky faces chiz chiz!
anyways i say hapy chrispmass evryone and hers to clare short former hed gurl wererever she mite be.