Monday, August 18, 2003

Chiz chiz its the sumer hols and wer al of to sunny spane to get az drunk az skunks an kik a few daygo waiters in the teeth hurra! old hedmaster woolsack he closed the big durs on parliaiarariament an gave the big rusted old kee to mr blak rod (parliaiamentlery caretaker) and he say her mr black rod maik sur non of the boys sneek back in now that the hols ar her we dont want any shenanigans of the sort we had last sumer wen fore bakbenchers broak into the westminster bicikel sheds an slashed mr livingstones tires!
so deputy hed boy prescott he say to himself, ahha thers loads of grub an crisps an sozzages in the parliariamentury refektory and im big an fat (hem hem) an want to eat them so prescott throws his cap on the roof and pretends he haz too clime up after it an rescue it sos he can brake in thru the parliararaimnetory skylite an get his chips (fat hem hem!)
But halfway up the dranepip starts to sagg an prescott he shout oh shit am goin to die and down he hurtlez to the growd with a big splat. well what a toodoo!!!!!! hedboy tony he come up and say john, yoove been after the secret stash ov pies agen havnt yoo yoo big swetty lardarse an prescott he say sorry sir but i was hungry. so peter mandlebrot, hed sneek, he say yoo need to invent a storee abowt having an illygitimait sun or sum such to throw the meeja ov the track.
Whoo! all this an we havnt even started ar hols proper yet! well, so long yoo chaps see yoo all next turm wen ill be all sunburnt an full ov lager an pasta saurz. ttfn...NIGeL!!!!!!!!!!