Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Still just visiting...

More terrorist alerts have been issued for Britain with convenient expediancy as George Bush is about to arrive and, under British law, there's no other way of shutting off the streets of London to anti-war protesters.
"The coincidence between George's visit and the alerts is simply that...coincidence..." insisted Tony Blair to anyone who actually gave a shit this afternoon.
"In fact the whole thing's a bit like Miss Marple," commented Mr Pint on the issues raised in the Fisherman's Arms, Fleetwood, this evening. "Wherever she goes there's a murder and yet nobody ever pins the blame on her. Wherever George Bush goes there are terrorist alerts and reasons to ban outspoken anti-war polititians from government buildings where he might be visiting. Also like Miss Marple, Bush is a fictional character invented by a right-wing press who, in reality, would be senile, incontinent and full of shit about the comaradery of war."
Mr Pint has since been arrested under the new 'anti-terrorism' bill and was last seen being dragged into the Ministry of Correction at knife point.