Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The bloke who had too far many drinks with
"The Bloke in the Pub" writes ...

I trust you’ll enjoy a few laughs as this book progresses because humour is so important. It is a wonderful antidote to fear and puts into perspective all those events and areas of ours lives that make us frightened, control our thinking, and cause us emotional pain. When subjected to humour, most things that we take seriously are shown to be what they really are: utterly ludicrous.

However, in this chapter there are no laughs. Some things are so grotesque, so beyond the imagination of anyone within a thousand miles of mental and emotional balance, that humour does not and cannot apply. In my years of speaking and writing about these spiritual and conspiratorial subjects I have resisted using the word evil. Even now I emphasise that what we call “evil” is an extreme negative imbalance in the consciousness and people in that mode can and do change. “Evil” is not forever. It is for as long as those minds choose to stay in that state of being. But in the light, or rather the dark, of what I am about to outline, the feel of that word evil seems so appropriate. Indeed we are talking the very depths of evil.
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