Friday, December 19, 2003

More Bull's Gonads

Ian Huntley's mother told the Sun newspaper this morning that her son "...ought t' bleedin' hang for the monstrous crimes what he committed!"
And suddenly the reasons for Huntley ending up the way he did become apparent.
In a deliberately contentious poll last night 94% of Channel Five News viewers (all six of them) wanted a return of the death penalty for child molesters...which says more about Channel Five viewers than it does about the true state of affairs within the justice system.
One person on the new death row, of course, would be Michael Jackson who, whilst facing several accounts of child molestation, has been allowed to visit Britain this week. Still riding the Soham gravy train the British media are currently whipping the public into a Christmas lynching frenzy. All notions of 'innocent until proven guilty' have conveniently vanished along with 'human rights' and 'access to Belmarsh for lawyers.'
The cancer-stricken child at the centre of the Jackson allegations has, apparently, found himself on the receiving end of no less than seven 'celebrity paedophile' cases in the past.
"I've made a few bad choices in celebrity holiday destinations...for which, of course, we've been financially compensated," said the boy's mother. "But this Christmas I'm sending him round to Gary Glitter's house to make sure he's out of harm's way."