Thursday, July 17, 2003

Mr Blair Goes To Washington...

three cheers hiphip replaicment chiz chiz. ar leeder and captin ov the rugger skwad uncle tony is been given a medal by jorg dubbleyoo, hed ov the yankee house and crozzeyed monkee man; for his part in the mascara ov 10000 dammed irakistans cheers cheers!!!
jorg he say well dun tony yuo ar my bestest frend and yur taiste in turtelneck sweeters is ecsellent! and everyon in amerka shout hurrah for uncle tony he da best he save ar skins like we did for him doring the second world conflick he a gud man and no mistake. then they all smoak cigars which ar choklate ones becos reel cigars is ilegel in amerka now and they throw paper plains at fotos of jackars shirack and helmet coalbunker and make full moon jesturs at the oiks.
jorge say that amerka is four hundred billion quizillion pounds in det but the ecomny is booming and so still ar the boms in iraqistan chiz chiz. tony says hees glad that its harf term and now the prez will shut the buggry up abowt his sexying up hem hem ov the irakistan dossyaye and consentrate on st jon prescots fat arse insted now.
in the meentime abott minor and me ar ov to gayboy paree. abbot minor she say want to see my frilly underpantz and poker dot bra.?. she swear blind she is almost ninteen altho she only luk twelfe but if itz gud enuff for ar brave amerkan trupes then its gud enuff for uz cheers cheers.