Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Bring out your dead, bring 'em on ...
but not in my backyard at the Whitehouse

A half decent and compassionate leader of the anti-terrorist "Free World" might have found the time to go to Italy to attend the funeral service for 18 soldiers killed in Iraq rather than attending right royal photo opportunities which will no doubt figure prominently in the 2004 presidential election campaign.

I gather George doesn't like the sight of flag draped coffins. Doesn't like anyone else seeing them either.

After the Vietman experience it is understandable that George doesn't want to see, and doesn't want the voting public to see a flow of body bags and national coverage of funeral services.

Why they died was to further a President's fight for freedom from terrorism. Arguably a high noble cause.

How they were buried was to further a President's fight for office. Unarguably a base ignoble act.

These soldiers' deaths have been mightily devalued and disrespected.