Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Just Passin' Wind...

Emperor Bush's election campaign continued today with a twenty-billion pound boost from the British tax payers, ensuring that all protesters were at least three miles away from his bomb proof limo. Said one of the five supporters who'd bothered to stand in front of the palace to wave at the mass-murdering chimp ( American supporter incidentally...they were specially flown in because nobody in Britain could be arsed...), "No matter how ignorant the protesters are they're entitled to it. That's what's so good about living in America (sic)...freedom of speech."
Not so fucking good, of course, if you happen to live in Guantanamo Bay.

Meanwhile security at the palace was severely compromised when a Daily Mirror reporter disguised himself as a homosexual and took photographs of the royal bedrooms. Palace officials were said to be shocked. So was I...did you see the state of Prince Andrew's bedroom? What a shithole! And these people are supposed to have taste!
Naturally questions have been asked about how somebody could so easily break through the palace security system.
"The staff performed a thorough check into the man's background," explained David Blunkett in the Commons today. "And it turned out that he wasn't coloured so they let him through."