Friday, November 21, 2003

Here's the steam off my shit...satisfied now.

With Uncle Tony and Great Uncle Bush rebuilding each others egos this week rather than rebuilding the shattered economy of Iraq, it would be a cheap shot for me to target the blatently obvious. But, in lieu of the fact that there are no red cross depots left, here goes nothing. If Uncle Tony so vehemently shares Great Uncle Bush's opinion that the only way to deal with violence is with more violence, resulting in the deaths of innocent people...but, hey, that's's to be expected...then perhaps he should consider arming the British police force, arming the British public and bringing back executions. (All wonderful American institutions, of course, and look how well behaved their criminals are.) So what if a few children accidentally blow their own heads off? So what if a few innocent victims get fried in the chair due to miscarriages of justice? Hey...that's war and shit happens. certainly does when it comes to voting prime ministers and presidents into power. Fellow Americans, please remember, today's terrorists were yesterday's freedom fighters. Ever heard of the American War of Independence? When that terrorist leader George Washington rose up against the liberating and beneficient King of Eng-a-land with acts of violence? Oh...sorry...wrong century. We've all moved a little to the right of centre politics since then...a little closer to Adolf and Benito.
My message to those who ought to know better, "Go home Great Uncle Bush...and please take Uncle Tony, Great Aunt Elizabeth and that bigotted old nazi shit of a Great, Great Uncle Philip with you."