Friday, January 30, 2004

Hello Happiness...

To quote Alistair Campbell's diary, as read to the extremely impartial Lord Hutton during the inquiry that, should Tony Blair forget, the rest of us watched in full and managed to make up our own minds about..."We need to fuck Andrew Gilligan where it hurts!"
Mission accomplished it would appear. And Greg Dyke's head hits the floor with a well-aimed machette courtesy of Campbell and Blair as well!
I never thought I'd find myself defending the BBC...or to give it its proper Orwellian name, 'The Ministry of Truth' (no seriously...Orwell's Ministry of Truth really was actually aimed at the BBC where he originally worked before becoming a novelist)...but in this particular instance I'll gladly side with them.
The Hutton report is one step closer to all-out facism. So far we've had the removal of human rights, access to lawyers and freedom of choice because of terrorist fears, the increase of racism in the form of convincing the general public that asylum seekers who are trying to escape the horrors of dictatorship have no place in our glorious nation, and the restructuring of education only for those elite enough to accept a right-wing agenda. And now Auntie Beeb is being forced to rethink itself and comply with government spin, or to put it another way, the surpression of real news in favour of pro-government rhetoric.
At this rate the television will be full of scenes of Tony Blair every night set to up-lifting music after the fashion of Saddam in his salad days. Oh wait...we already had that at the election.
These are disturbing times. To think my grandfather fought a war to keep fascism at bay! And now we've elected it into power...and we smile happily as the rascism rises, the oppression tightens and the right-wing religious extremists remove truth, freedom and tolerance from our daily lives.
Tony Blair is a lying shit! He did 'Sex-up' the dossier. Claire Short and Robin Cook, along with various heads of intelligence that Lord Fucking Hutton conveniently ignored, actually said so on Channel Fours 'What the Hutton Report Won't Tell You' as broadcast the other night.
I don't know what Screaming Lord Hutton's fucking definition of 'a lie' is. But to me, somebody altering the wording of a document in order to sell it incorrectly to a cynical country as a basis to murder thousands of innocent people abroad constitutes a lie of fucking enormous proportions!
As for Campbell...what a cunt! What an unbelievable cunt! He wasn't even elected for Christ's sake!
So...the question is we let these bastards continue to destroy democracy? Do we allow them free reign to lock people up without question, to censor the news, to control our lives, to destroy freedom of choice and to keep us subdued?
Unfortunately the answer is yes...because we've got our football and our 'I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here' and our Harry Potter et al. And as long as we've got our mindless shit then we're happy, right?
Well, tough shit folks...we're going down.
And so's my bottle of Scotch.