Monday, November 18, 2002


AFP [ MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2002 11:02:56 PM ]

LONDON: A former president of the French cricket federation has revived claims that his country invented a sport widely regarded as the embodiment of Englishness.

Didier Marchois, who plays for Chauny, Northern France, told Britain's 'Sunday Express' newspaper that medieval documents referred to matches near the battlefields of Crecy and Agincourt during the Hundred Years War.

"They leave no room for doubt," Marchois said. "Cricket was born in the North of France and taken across the Channel by English soldiers who picked it up from us during truce periods in the Hundred Years War."

Lying batardes! We all know it was invented by Rolf Harris' great great grandfather, Jake the Peg at extra leg. Is there NO end to gallic arrogance?!

Mind you, the current team of deaf, dumb, blind and crippled dimwits that purport to be the English test team and who are being pasted within an inch of their googlies by the invincible Australian Cricket team might be improved by the injection of some gallic arrogance. (or monkey glands might do the trick) Normally I am a supporter of disabled sporting teams but really the English test team should be taken to Rolf's Animal Hospital and humanely (though I'm not fussed in this instance) put down.

(Twisted Sister ... I rest my case about your lad's flirtation with the frog language. Cast him from your bosom now! A viper nestles there.)