Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I see Osama bin Bastard's bin at it again! This time he's blown up a load of Westerners in Syria or Minehead or somewhere! Bleedin' bearded wog! They're all the same! They ain't got no respect for 'uman life like what we have. That's why they need fuckin'! With bombs and missiles and somet that'll shut the little fuckers up and knock all this "Praise be to Mohammed Ali" bollocks out o' their sweaty brown heads!
The trouble with these bleedin' sand wogs is they've all got religion when what they really need is some football. If y' want my advice get the shit-coloured bastards out on the terraces with a few cans o' beer and the Arsenal playing! Give 'em some proper fuckin' culture! It'd stop 'em from gettin' all these fanatical notions about Jesus bein' evil and causing chaos everywhere. You don't get none of that down the Bloomfield Road.
Or alternatively put 'em in the army, take 'em round the back of the barracks and kick seven buckets of shit out of 'em. 'Course if y' did that there'd be nowt left but their skins.
There's too much of this political correctness goin' round at the moment. Big fat slags with unmarried babies in papooses, smoking herbal tea and not wearing make-up. The government should stop listenin' to these ignorant feminist cows and stand up for itself! Maggie Thatch wouldn't 'ave 'ad none of this bollocks! Kick the niggers out o' Britain and get rid of these fuckin' refugee scroungers who are causing all the trouble, that's what I reckon!
Any'ow, I've said me piece... now I'm off t' cash me giro and then go for a punch-up down the Nag's Head. Shag y' later, mate!