Saturday, May 17, 2003

"Let it hereby be written into the constitution of Britain that no man shall suffer the indignation of imprisonment without first standing trial and summary judgement."

Or words to that effect...The Magna Carta 1069 or thereabouts.

Take note Tony bin Blair and your nasty little sidekick Jack 'Grimer Wormtongue' Straw. Your 'Anti-Terrorist Bill' -- disallowing so-called suspected terrorists of recourse to the law whilst being held indefinitely and without charge -- is against the constitution of these miserable rainy little islands and therefor cannot be put into effect (as far as I can remember) without a referendum. Even if it can I don't see how one insignificant, transient little prime minister and his nepotistic bum chum can find the moral prerogative to do so. I'm consulting my lawyers (i.e. the Citizen's Advice Bureau) on this matter as I type...because I'm sure it's illegal.
I hope it is 'cos it's time you got your cummupance mate!