Thursday, May 22, 2003

Troop pre-deployment a success: PM

Prime Minister John Howard has reiterated that pre-deploying troops to the Middle East prior to the war in Iraq proved to be a good idea.

Mr Howard is heading to Townsville this morning to welcome home the 5th Aviation Regiment and an RAAF squadron from Iraq.

He has told commercial radio in Townsville the early deployment played a part in the safety of Australian troops.

Prime Minister welcomes back troops. Not only were there no casualties but more soldiers returned than were sent.

"It's a miracle that you can go through an operation like this and escape any casualties and it's an enormous tribute to their training," he said.

"I think it also means that sending them early was the right decision."

This is one of the rare instances when I am at one with the Miniature Rodent. Sending the Oz troops to Iraq before the trigger happy myopic Amerkins arrived was a gene of strokius.

Oh yes ... a little footnote for a little Prime Minister. The Holy Crusade in Iraq has stopped terrorism dead in its tracks, conclusively proving the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Now we can all sleep secure in our beds.

Thanks to George, Tony and John I'm at last able to undertake my backpacking tour of Saudi Arabia without fear for my life.