Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Following Gordon Brown's lengthy piece of spin statement on the Euro yesterday spontaneous and sometimes deadly debates have been breaking out across Britain. Should we or shouldn't we...string Gordon Brown up by his balls until he admits where he actually stands on this issue?
One of the main points raised against joining the Single European Currency is that power is steadily being removed from Britain and into mainland Europe. (God I hate those French and their weasily ways, yessiree! And those Krauts have never forgiven us for winning the war neither!)
Apparently once we join the Euro we will no longer have any control over our income tax or interest rates.
Er...yeah...and the point is? As far as I'm aware I don't have any fucking control over these matters anyway. I also don't have any control over any other national finances or legalities, regardless of how shit and unegalitarian they might be. Not once in all my years on this planet has a single human being for whom I've voted at an election risen to power. Not bloody once! Regardless of anything else I still reckon Eddie Large would have made a bollocking good Chancellor of the Exchequer and Doris Stokes could still run the country from beyond the grave!