Thursday, June 12, 2003

It's grim down South...according to a documentary shown on the BBC last night.
Apparently in the South East of England (Britain's richest neighbourhood) there is a major housing shortage, the roads are completely chocka, property prices have shot up and John 'Feed-me-a-fresh-pig-every-morning' Prescott is planning to build an extra one million houses to solve the problem.
Meanwhile 'Oop North' (where the grubby people wi' t' silly accents live) because of the increasing centralisation of the South and the migration of people seeking their fortunes towards London, they're having to demolish perfectly decent council estates.
The solution...according to Kent County Council:

Transfer the people living in the over crowded council estates in the South East to the empty council estates up North.

And what an excellent idea that seems...until you actually stop and think about it. (Engage brains well as your ethics, if you actually have any.)
Poverty stricken North with a funding, powerful South with a population problem. Shift the poor people in the South to the poverty stricken North so that the South is no longer over crowded and can continue to make money whilst the North grows ever poorer due to the new influx.
Or, in other words, ETHNIC CLEANSING!
For 'council estates' write 'gypsies' and suddenly the whole thing falls into perspective! Surely Kent County Council can't be allowed to get away with this shit? This isn't going to solve fuck all! It's just going to increase the North/South divide and create two entirely separate species of people! Isn't this what Hitler had in mind for Germany?
I knew that the South of England had taken several steps to the right since Mrs Thatcher first crawled out of the abortion bucket and entered power...but this!? I'm packing my bags and leaving for the Isle of Man before the concentration camps for whippet breeders and flat cap wearers start going up!