Friday, June 13, 2003

Wat? Wat y' lookin' at me like that for?! Y' got a fuckin' problem or wat? God you people make me puke! Y're always condemin' us for sommet we 'aven't done, like wen the school burnt down last week! Just 'cos me an' Archie Finnigon were sittin' on the wall playin' with a can o' petrol an' a lighter you blamed us! It could a' bin anyone, y' fascist bastards! I saw two coppers runnin' away from the blaze. Oo's t' say it wasn't them, eh? Y' got a problem wi' your eyes as well as y' brain? We waz just lookin'! Is there a law against that, bastards?
You lot are all old an' over thirty an' y' don't know nothin' about the problems us young people 'ave t'day! Life on the streets is 'ard! We 'ave t' survive some'ow! Mum an' Dad don't give me enough allowance, the tight fisted bastards. 'Ow am I supposed to buy enough skank to share wi' me mates on twenty quid a week?
"Get a bleedin' job," me dad always says! There ain't no fuckin' jobs to be 'ad, you ignorant wankers. Well, all right, there's some down the job centre...but they're all potato washin' and shelf stackin'. The youth of today need more stimulation than that! It might 'ave bin all right for old farts like you but we reckon it's crap.
We 'ave other things t' consider nowadays. I'm nearly fifteen an' I 'aven't 'ad any kids yet! That Judy Williams 'oo's dad works on the council, she's already got two kids an' a three bedroom council 'ouse! 'Ow do y' think that makes me feel? Full of angst an' self loathin' that's 'ow! It was different for you lot. You didn't need to 'ave sex when you was young back in the last century. You all 'ad money an' there was no unemployment an' y' could buy your own 'omes for 300 quid without 'avin' to 'ave children first! Selfish, ignorant fuckers!
That's why we do drugs...t' get 'igh and survive. We need t' break into cars an' nick stereos t' live! Addidas shirts don't come cheap. Even me designer torn-look denims cost me three 'undred quid! Flora Robinson's cost 'er four 'undred quid. An' Tommy Jenks...'ee 'ad to nick 'is and 'ee got caught. Thank fuck the coppers couldn't arrest 'im 'cos 'ee was too young otherwise 'ee'd have bin forced to hang himself by his Jean-Paul Gautier braces from some fascist room 101 prison cell.
I tell y', it's not easy being a youth and 'avin' to 'ave all the best designer gear. But at least I'm an individual, unlike you old squares! So fuck off! I'm off t' borrow me dad's car an' 'is credit cards for a night on the town. Then I might cut me arms up with a broken mirror...see 'ow y' like that you ignorant fuckers!