Monday, June 09, 2003

I am Nigel Molesnot, juneur backbencher for New Labor cheers cheers cheers. Im here too tell you about life in St Commons with its debaits hem hem and its partys hem hem hem and its whips HEM HEM. We hait swotty torys and bad mouthe those weeny wet lib dems pansies becos they deserve it.
Our leeder is tony fotherington mollusk blair he sa hello world yoo so stupid i kno everything which is why i pat yoo on the hed condesendingly like mongolians and ignore what yoo sa. fotherington mollusc is very saintly and not a bit wet or an oik like som of those lib lab weeds whos maters and paters live on council estaits and dont kno latin.
Then thers the deputary prime minster whos name is john grabber sinjun presccott. he big and burly and eet tons of pies like a real lad and is captain of the rugby squad and own several thousand jaguars aswell as loads of chins and stomachs. he very eye catching candy for the ladies hem hem who like a bit of the ruff stuff. Or perhaps a lot of the ruff stuff chiz.
the other leeding membre of our gang is peter hissing cid mandlebrot. he slimey weasle who worms about and sleeps with men hem hem. he sa don't tell anyone im gay and sniff flowers.
All of us are secrekly in luv with dame lady thatcherite cheers cheers she shoed us how to make politcks work and how to treat oiks too a damm good drubbing. she sexy and buotiful with luvly long legs and weerd crookd eyes. wen im sitting on the backbench i often daydream about mrs thatcherite and her partys and whips hem hem HEM HEM!
Ecxuse me. I need to vizit the bathroom to studdy my geo and fr and not too hav a wanc.