Friday, November 15, 2002

Attention fellow ranters.
I would be a right tightarse selfish bastard wouldn't I if I didn't pass on the wonderful offer that hit my in box today. I have given Dr. Thomas details of my bank account. I am sure he will minister to the enormous debit balance with gentleness, kindness and understanding . These selfless generous offers restore one's faith in mankind.

DIRECT PHONE:2348033016850
DIRECT FAX :23414400629

Dear Friend,

l am Dr. Adekunle Thomas a director of a parastatal of the government establishments in my country. I hereby present to you a transaction of great magnitude from which there is mutual benefit in the form of cash. The transaction requires utmost confidentiality and in this regard, I can not divulge more information via this mail. It involves the movement of a certain amount of money in United States Currency (32.5million) from my country on ourbehalf in trust. What shall be required of you is your providing an account forlodgement of the funds since it is forbidden for us government workers or peoplein public office to operate foreign bank accounts under our government policy.

You should be informed that all arrangements to make you the beneficiary of the funds shall be perfected from our office and upon our final recommedations, our bankers will move the funds directly to your account. This piece of information should however be kept to yourself alone.

With an expression of interest to participate via an immediate reply to this mail, telephone call (2348033016850) or fax (23414400629) I will further make available details relating to the project. A telephone call or fax is preferable.

Dr Adekunle Thomas.