Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Was Saddam the Man Behind McVeigh?

Follow the link if you like unreadable "journalism", but the headline is enough to give you the drift.

There is enough anecdotal evidence to warrant a serious re-examination of the Warren Report to find out just how much dirty Saddam money ended up in the pockets of Lee Harvey Griswald.

It is widely known that John Wilkes Booth had taken a holiday in Iraq less than a month before his killer performance at Ford's Theater.

Chauffeur Henri Paul was seen knocking back "Saddam Wallbangers" like there was no tomorrow in the hours before the crash that killed Diana.

I personally believe that there are enough clues in the Bard's subtext to indicate that Brutus was certainly not acting alone when he shivved Julius.

Tom Ridge, we want answers!