Friday, February 28, 2003

Far be it for me to side with the Hawks (sounds like one of them macho-American football teams that, doesn't it? All muscles and testosterone and hidden homosexuality in the showers afterwards..."Where's the soap?" "Yes, it does, doesn't it." Er, where the fuck was I? Oh yeah...siding with the Hawks...) in the up and coming war but lately I've been adjusting my opinion towards Iraq.

Firstly, so what if a load of American and British soldiers die on the battlefield? They're only men! And stupid men at that who can't earn a proper living and haven't got the bottle to work for a woman! If they have to fight each other because their balls are bursting and they can't cop a grope then it's better they do it in the middle of a desert somewhere rather than outside the pub where innocent lesbians might end up embroiled in their fucking-about and decent middle-aged women end up raped. Let them fuck each other to death out there in no-one's land, that what I say! Scatter the desert with the bleached bones of the warmongers and the testosterone empowered chauvinists. Women have more sense than to get involved with such stupidity.

Secondly, and more importantly, the sooner we've got rid of that rampant homophobic and woman-hating tosser Saddam Hussein (just look at that tash...there's a closet anus tickler if ever there was one) then the sooner we can get back to more important issues, such as women's rights to bear dildos, carry stun guns in case of male-aggression and remove the testicles from the off-spring to prevent future outbreaks of violence. ('s in accordance with that male bastard Prime minister's foreign policy...pre-emptive strikes to prevent future conflict.)

Fucking morons the lot of them! "Cast not your seed on stony ground." That's what Jesus said. By the time they've finished blowing each other's bollocks to bits there'll be a damned sight more than seed out there. Mind you none of the detritus will be brains.