Saturday, March 01, 2003

Fed up with having to scroll through those long-winded, never-ending archives to find the rant you want?

Deputy Editor Terence bin Sedgwick is certainly tired of having to stack endless archives on top of one another night in, night out, and regularly complains about how rubbish his salary is.
Well now you can say, "Get Stuffed!" to all that!

The RANT OF THE WEEK OMNIBUS: ISSUE ONE is now available in print.

Faster, meaner, tastier! Larger breasts! Fatter wombats! Signed by the Acting Editor! What more could you want? (Well...plenty probably...but that's the offer anyhow.)

Full details on how to order your copy can be obtained by clicking here!

Free cover with every book! Order now! You know it makes sense!