Friday, June 20, 2003

'Cos Uncle Brian's off bein' old an' sick somewhere an' doin' the things what old and sick people do I've finally got an opportunity to 'ave my say for once. That's the trouble with you old farts what are readin' this! Y' don't want t' listen to us youth! Y' just think we're all mindless airheads an' all we ever talk about is boys and makeup and drinkin' and violence! Well, y' wrong you ignorant old bastards. We've got a lot t' say and if you'd only shut the fuck up you neo-fascists you'd learn what it was, wouldn't y? You're always lecturin' us an' talkin' at us an' never listenin'. That's 'cos you're thick and senile an' stink o' piss! We aren't all stupid, y' know? Some of us 'ave our own political opinions as well! An' they're more informed than yours! But y' never listen you old cunts! Y' just keep blamin' us for all the vandalism an' the broken cider bottles down the tram shelter and all the noise and 'ooliganism! Well shut the fuck up complainin' y' ignorant an' listen up for once! You ignorant tossers!
Right...well...that's what I wanted t' say! So now y' know! An' if y' don't like it y' can get fucked before I get me mate, Shaz, t' put a brick through your neo-fascist window!