Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Deputy Editor's Apology

It must be catching. I have been poorly for the past week. Clinically dead (for purposes of the claim on my Life Insurance) for at least 3 days. My normal state is such that no one noticed. The assembled mourners were 2 verses into "The 23rd Psalm" before I appraised them of their Mark Twain like error. (Negotiations continue with the caterers for a refund on monies paid for the prawns and Fosters supplied at the premature wake.)

I believe I am about to relapse. This relapse will have been brought about in no small measure by my foolishly watching our nightly current affairs programme. In the past months we have had 2 British politicians appear on the "7:30 Report" First was a Mr. Mandelson. A first class oily piece of work that one. Then tonight we were privy to the slimy unsustainable justifications inner most thoughts of one Mr. Hoon on WMDs.

What is it with these Pommy Labour pollies? Why aren't they kept locked up in the cellar? Is it just because they are appearing on colonial television that they feel they have to be unrelentingly supercilious?


Editor's testiclemony: "I personally blame those two bastards, along with the sight of Prescott's triple chin, for making me so sick today."