Monday, June 16, 2003

Editor's Apology

Haven't posted for a couple of days. This week seems to be a never ending round of g.p.s, doctors, surgeons, clinics and hospitals. The usual run of the mill stuff that constitutes my excuse for a life. More to come yet! (Don't ask me why these things all happen at once...but unfortunately they do.) So, I'll probably be missing for a few more days yet.
In the meantime I shall leave you in the more than capable hands/paws of Deputy Editor Sedgwick and the vice-deputy editor Petrenyi who, I've no doubt, will keep you entertained with tales of derring do and political insight. I'm off to hit the bottle in order to face tomorrow's enslaught of check-ups and anti-inflamatories. Back as soon as is inhumanly possible.