Monday, June 30, 2003


The Tories were facing a new sleaze row yesterday after it emerged a top strategist runs an agency organising sex parties.

Scot Dougie Smith, 41, is the co-ordinator of right-wing think tank Conservatives for Change (Cchange).

But he also heads Fever Parties, a London-based agency that hosts orgies for fashionable professionals.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Smith had been organising sex parties in Mayfair town houses and country mansions.

The organisation has also recently run an event in Manchester.

The parties can draw up to 50 couples who can swap partners.

Admission costs £45 a couple with single women offered a reduced rate of £25.

Yesterday, Smith said he had done nothing wrong.

He added: "I've never made a secret of the fact that I run both Cchange and Fever.

"The two things don't overlap and, therefore, do not pose a problem.

But the revelation will upset traditional Tories.

Former shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe said: "I certainly don't regard it light-heartedly.

"I take a dim view of that sort of thing."

Poor old Ann, miffed again at not getting a discount invite to a dimly lit , free and frank exchange, pants-down soirée. If this is the current level of Tory Party peccadilloes then I am sorely disappointed. Bring back the plastic bags, the Russians spies in rubber and the rent boys.

What ever happened to traditional values?