Tuesday, July 01, 2003

What's Going Here? (See what's going on, Mr. Editor? HTML-able but there is a limit to number of characters that can be typed in the "title" box.)

Graham Norton reviews the Sax Coburghs.

Oh, hello, hello. Ahuhuhuh...snicker. Hello, yes! Yes! It's Graham Norton here! Graham Norton! Hello lovely people! Ahuhuhuh! Graham Norton here...ahuhuhuhuh...repeating everything I say at least three times....yes, that's right...three times. That's because our team of dedicated script writers are shit! Shit, ladies and gentlemen! And they can only produce enough material for about five minutes of broadcasting time. Yes...broadcasting time. Ahuhuhuh. Then the rest of it has to be stretched to its limit. Rather like Elizabeth's fanny was the last time Philip stuck his fist up there! Ahuhhuhuhuhuhuhgiggletittersnickersnickerahuhuhuhuhuhuhuh! Leave it! Leave it! Ahahahuhuhuhahuhahuhuh. Anyway, anyway! Great news, great news! Ahuhuhuhuh...would you look at this audience. This woman in the front row...this woman...she's going like this, titter titter titter. She is...look at her. She's going, titter titter titter. You old slag! Ahuhuhuhuhsniggersmirktitterahuhuhuhahahahahahuh! Anyway...ahuhuhuhuhuh...moving swiftly on....swiftly on now...fantastic news! Yes...fantastic news! Apparently...apparently...Prince Andrew...Prince Andrew has decided to become born again...yes, born again, lovely people! When asked why...when asked why...he said that it must have been simply ages now since he'd been up an old queen! Ahuh! Ahuhuhuhuhuhsnickersnicker! Leave it! Ahuhuhuhuh! Leave it!
Enough...look at the time! It's taken me half a page for one completely shit joke! Time to get a guest on and talk over the top of them and show them some humorous dildoes. Ahuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhgigglesnickersnicker.