Tuesday, July 22, 2003

George gets serviced by the Italian stallion.

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - President Bush said Monday he is working to persuade more nations to help in Iraq, where Saddam Hussein loyalists are killing coalition forces in a war that persists alongside rebuilding efforts.

Speaking at his Texas ranch with the leader of one supportive country, Premier Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, Bush said, "The more people involved in Iraq, the better off we will be."

Goodonya George! Getting a bit too toasty warm in the hot-bed that is Iraq is it me old mate?

"Better off WE will be"? Who's the WE? Perchance a royal plural adopting president whose popularity is falling and who faces a quick visit to his mates at the Florida Electoral Commission presidential election? You're right George, let's share around the body bag burden. With a friend and ally like the whiter than white, incorruptible, paragon of democracy Silvio how can you go wrong?

Well, I could suggest a few ways, but that would be churlish, not to say worthy of a weekend at Bernie's Guantanamo Bay. I believe there is an Australian or two, a Brit or two there, allegedly involved in matters Iraq, who currently feel not exactly "better off".

I have to admit that I'm an old stick in the mud nostalgia buff who wants a return to the good old fashioned, tried and true, traditional "shock and awe" values that we once, far too fleetingly, enjoyed. Seems like the Iraqi guerillas are not too bad at the old "shock and awe".