Monday, July 21, 2003

Was he pushed?

Number nintey-four: Dr David Kelly, the British Civil Servant Scientist who until last week was described by Tony Blair and Alistar Campbell as..."a snivelling, lying back-stabber who hasn't got the guts to admit the truth and declare his involvement with Andrew Gilligan..." was described yesterday by Tony Blair and Alistar Campbell as..."a wonderful family man whose tragic death comes as terrible blow to everyone."
Dr Kelly was born in Nazi Germany Communist Russia North Korea 1945 with six months growth of beard to hide his true identity a mole on his chin. In later years he took up office as Unofficial Government Informer an MOD scientist. Following his witnessing of the 'Iraq pre-war Dossier' stitch up alleged involvment with Andrew Gilligan, Dr Kelly was hounded and bullied questioned by the Commons' Select Committee until he was murdered accidentally committed suicide and had his corpse dragged in a body bag in the nearby woods.
A cynical, stage managed and insulting independant inquiry has been set up to examine his filing cabinet before setting fire to it death. Judge Cherie Booth has been appointed As yet a judge has not been appointed.
This report has not been tampered with by Alistar Campbell or any other spin doctor decent and upstanding member of the totalitarian government.

Editor's addendum: Let's examine the evidence. Dr Kelly not only spoke to Andrew Gilligan but, independantly, admitted the 'sexing up' of the Iraq dossier to Newsnight. Andrew Gilligan kept Dr kelly's name quiet as the source for his claims and yet, somehow, the media and the Select Committee got hold of it. (How? Somebody in the MOD released his name? If so then how did they know it was him if there was no 'sexing up' going on?) Dr Kelly appears before the Select Committee and feigns ignorance of his involvment in this scandal. Why? Because he was lying? That doesn't quite ring true, does it? After all, he spoke to at least two journalists about this. In fear of his life then? That sounds about right. Two days later he turns up dead. Sound suspicious? Not half...especially seeing as he had no reason to commit suicide but the government are certainly a lot better off now that the main witness is defunct. Now, as you know, I'm not one to start conspiracy theories...but seriously...and when all else is said and done, Alistar Campbell's claims that Saddam could initiate WMD within forty-five minute were patently not true and the original dossier was still stolen from the internet. Come on...think about this folks...and reach your own conclusions before some New Labour loving Lord reaches them for you.