Thursday, August 14, 2003

So the BBC didn't exactly lie but they did 'sex-up' Dr Kelly's confidential report...a bit. That's the nature of reporters. They go for headlines. And the government demands an apology for them calling Alistar Campbell a dickwad. Then the BBC demands an apology off the government for doing more than 'sexing up' claims about their reporters. And the government states that the integrity of the BBC news is now in question. So the BBC says that the government's integrity is still in question. And the government accuses the BBC of this. And the BBC accuses the government of that. And...oh for fuck's sake! Shut the fuck up whinging! They're all total bastards!
In case we've forgotten ten thousand people died in Iraq! The so called 'Weapons of Mass Destruction', regardless of anything else, have not been found. The chemical and biological weapons that formed the basis of America and Britain going to war in the first place are still missing! The forty-five minute threat was, obviously, a load of old bollocks because Iraq didn't fight back! And now the allies are occupying a country under the pretence that it's been liberated when the population of that country think very differently and the whole fucking war was a farce and a sham from the very outset!
And still Bush is hunting down Saddam! On what fucking grounds, might I ask?! Regardless of dead civil servants and government spin, there was no fucking major retaliation as promised. Iraq didn't pose the threat it was supposed to be posing. There were no nuclear, biological or chemical strikes! So how come Bush is still hunting him down? What's the excuse? That the man's a bastard? We all know that! But so are Bush and Blair and the bloke who runs the grocers round the corner from me. But that doesn't give me the right to take control of another fucking country and spend millions of the tax payers money trying to track them down and kill them!
When will people ever learn? As George Orwell pointed out in '1984', keep a population at war and they'll remain united behind their government no matter how fucking corrupt and controlling they are!
Come on folks! It's time to fight back and sack the whole fucking lot of them. Then let's try again...this time with a bit more consideration about who we're electing.