Thursday, May 08, 2003

Prime Minister John Howard has arrived in Qatar to visit Australian troops who have been involved in the war in Iraq.

On his arrival, Mr Howard ignored a question about the controversy enveloping Governor-General Peter Hollingworth.

The issue has taken the gloss off what would otherwise be a trip characterised by patronising pats on the head glowing tributes from US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Mr Howard is expected to visit the Australian forces' central command and troops on board HMAS Kanimbla where it is understood he will be leaving them with a reminder that whilst the war in Iraq may be over, the hunting down and smoking out of people who rain on his parade has only just begun.

BTW seems like the Good Green Fairy has been hacked.
No wonder she is not enamoured of children.

UPDATE. Pleased to report that fairies of all hues have reported in for duty and are now back blogging at the bottom of the garden.