Friday, May 09, 2003

Quiet! You down at the back!

Update 1: Federal MPs may be limited in what they can say about the issue when Parliament returns on Tuesday because parliamentary rules prevent any "disrespectful" comments about the Queen or her representative.

Speaker Neil Andrew said "criticism of the Governor-General will not be tolerated".

Ve haf vays of not making you talk! Mmmmm ... searches dictionary for etymology of the word "parliament".

Update 2: The government whip gagged federal Liberal MPs from commenting on rape allegations levelled at Governor-General Peter Hollingworth.

The memo from chief government whip Jim Lloyd was sent to all MPs, including ministers and senators, according to the ABC's Lateline program.

The memo said: "Additional comments in relation to this issue only assist the media - not individuals members, senators nor the government."

... and bugger me dead, what gives the idiot voters who elected these members the idea that they have the right to know where they stand on this issue?!

*Thinks* ... Didn't all this stuff start with silence, stonewalling, denial and some Archbishop sweeping things under the shagpile?

Update 3: The focus of the crisis embroiling Governor-General Peter Hollingworth shifted to Buckingham Palace last night, with the Queen reported to be willing to allow him to resign.

Prime Minister John Howard today flies home from meeting Australian troops in Qatar to tackle the growing controversy, fuelled by the revelation that he knew about the rape claims against Dr Hollingworth last December.

Last night The Times of London reported that the Queen would raise no objections to Dr Hollingworth's removal.

The report said the Queen was known to be concerned about Dr Hollingworth's increasingly precarious position and discussed it with Mr Howard during his visit to London earlier this week.

A senior palace official told the paper that the Queen would raise no objection if Mr Howard decided he wanted Dr Hollingworth to stand down. "The Queen follows the advice of her ministers in the Australian Government," the official said.

Roll on the Republic of Australia. No more salacious stories about Governors-General. We want our own President who can give us far a better class of peckerdillos. We want our own home grown Bill Clinton!

When do we want it? NOW!

Update 4: The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists will consider dumping Governor-General Peter Hollingworth as its patron at a special meeting in Hobart today.

The RANZCP is, however, willing to take him on as a patient.


Governor-General, Dr Peter Hollingworth, has stood aside as the Queen's representative in Australia.

Tasmania's Governor, Sir Guy Green, will stand in as Governor-General pending the outcome of a court case into rape allegations against Dr Hollingworth being heard in the Victorian Supreme Court.

The GG not be standing down because of this issue (a mere sideshow probaby destined to go nowhere) but should have already resigned because of his priors when Archbishop of Brisbane.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister John Howard at a specially convened press conference in Sydney.

(True to form little Johnny couldn't help surrounding the event with his trademark obfuscation and prevarication.)

Dr Hollingworth and the Prime Minister have both been in Sydney today.

Mr Howard's office earlier today denied the two were holding official talks but late today the Prime Minister ordered a press conference be held at his Sydney office where he made the announcement.