Saturday, May 10, 2003

Will somebody please explain to the producers of "The Flying Gardener" (BBC1 Friday evenings), as well as the research teams behind programmes such as "The News" etc, that Northern Ireland is NOT part of Great Britain.
"This is the boggiest place in Britain..." "These are the largest ship yards in Britain..." No they're not!
Look at your passports people! I don't have a bloody passport but even I know that along the top edge are the words: "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!" If you can't research your subjects better (and, frankly, seeing as you live in Britain yourselves you should be ashamed of your ignorance) then find another job. For your information: Britain = England, Scotland and Wales. The U.K = Britain and Northern Ireland. Dumbing down = pig ignorant tossers who continually try to educate the Great British public with misinformation!
Smarten up your acts and, whilst I'm here, stop bombarding an increasingly ill educated populace with dangling prepositions and split infinitives! Cretins!
On a slightly different note (well...on a totally different note actually) it seems the government has performed a U-turn on the law that it passed several months ago concerning nudity and sexual practises committed in public. Following vociferous condemnation of Blunkett's Anti-Exhibitionist Law by British naturists it has now been returned to its original status. General nudity and bonking in public places are no longer imprisionable offences, but a sexual act committed in public designed specifically to cause offence, is still unlawful. Good! That means whilst the rest of us are bonking in the bluebells this spring, John Prescott won't be allowed to strip off!