Friday, July 11, 2003

How to Sucede At Uropeen Politicks!

harf term Cheers Cheers! Roar ov bak benchers and lotz ov paper plains thrown in air! the parlimentery buss puls up owtside bishopsgate, hem hem, an everone piles on bord! thers much showting and carowsing and drincing ov ginger beer and signing ov Rugbee songs ect ect ect.
Were all ov to urope for the uropeen unyon convenshon (thort headboy tony had put a stop too al the unyons but whatevr!) ov course wen the libdems clime on the buss in there shabby uniforms with there long unhapy feaces we steel there satchals and throw them owt ov the windows and jump on there caps itz goin too be a grate holiday and no mistak chiz chiz!
Folowing a long and weerisome wate at dover dew too terorist activitity we finaly cach the fery acros the chanel and end up, somewhat the wurse for ware, hem hem, at the uropeen parlimentury billding deputy hedboy st john prescot hees sat on the back row necks to me throwin up in a brown paiper bag to meny sweets and cans ov lager me thinks chiz chiz.
then the italian spick mineester stand up and say the german chanslor is a big fat narsi pig and sit down agen smirking! Well, the head krout isent havin non of it and he calls the wop a musilini eating daigo. then jack straw, hees ar dorm master, says that the italyarns hav nothin too talk abowt becos they used too be narsis as well and benito italyarn headboy he say the british (cheers cheers) shuld keep there noses owt becos we went to wor wiv iraqistanbul on a tissoo ov lies an the french ar just surender monkees.
then the break bell goez and everones fritened to go in to the playgrownd becos we al know thers bown too be a fite. the spiks and the krowts ar practisin there chinees burnz on the frogy bakbenchers so me and abbott miner sneek ov for a bit ov home maid chem behind the bikesheds. then abot minor shows me her draws an we rol on the grownd laffing whilest the rest ov urope startz a big war in the asembly hall.
hapy hols cheers cheers!