Monday, July 07, 2003

Spin, spin, spin the wheel of justice...

And so the labour party (please note the small 'L' as Uncle Tony and his cronies no longer constitute the old socialist brigade who once championed the welfare state and a standard of levelling not seen since Cromwell put the boot in) still facing accusations of 'one spin factor too many' has reverted to the only tactics that it (or more precisely Alistar Campbell) knows. Yet more spin! And the spin-doctors are out in force.
"The BBC should admit its mistake and apologise!" claims every whip, bootboy and brown-hatter sent forth to multiply across our t.v. screens by Campbell in person. There haven't been so many government personalities on the news since...well, since Lord Alistar deemed it necessary for the party to keep its head down and hope that a lack of televisual involvement would lead the general public to conclude that the NHS, Education, the Watford Gap etc were all fine and functioning as was proper.
So why the dramatic increase in ugly bastards on our screens? Surely this is a matter between the BBC and Tony bin Turtleneck? Well...when you stop to consider that our beloved Prime Minister (allegedly) lied to the electorate over WMD and his reasons for going to war, and that the said war was probably illegal, then this becomes more than a matter of trust. In fact, considering that thousands of innocent people died in Iraq to 'secure world peace and destroy Saddam's weapons' and, also considering that the premise for those people's deaths was purely fabricated, then the Iraq war wasn't actually a war at all but a simple case of mass murder.
String the bastards up by the balls! I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tony Blair, John Prescott, Clair Short (and indeed every New Labour politician who knew that the 'dossier of evidence' was pure invention as originally hinted at months ago by Robin Cook in his resignation speech) is a murdering bastard and deserves the full weight of international law on their cursed heads!
But the BBC has a licence to consider. The one remaining so-called National Institution, run by nothing but lords and piers of the realm, a body saturated with incest, nepotism and government control and the only thing keeping the fuckers afloat is that bloody licence. Please note the many and varied veiled threats to those in charge of Auntie Beeb from those running scared in the government front benches regarding this treasured charter, soon to be up for review, on the news this week.
What's the betting that deals are pulled, backs scratched and testicles tickled and within a fortnight the BBC admits to a mistake that it never made, the licence fee becomes even more bloated and the dust is allowed to settle over the illegal deaths of thousands of Iraqi peasants once more?
Let's not forget that George Orwell once worked for the Beeb and in later years, when he came to write his novel '1984' used it as the basis for the Ministry of Truth. You didn't know that? Well, now you do. Welcome to the New World Order folks. Big Brother isn't only a shit Channel 4 programme full of brain dead wankers. It's now a reality and the only genuine truth left any more is that you and I are well and truly fucked.

Editor's footnote: Typical of Sedgwick to jump the gun (see posting below) on this issue as he has done, so his wombats are often heard to complain, so many times before.