Sunday, July 06, 2003

No, my dog didn't eat my integrity, that bloody George's dog did

Blair steps up pressure on BBC

"British Prime Minister Tony Blair has demanded that the BBC retract a report saying that his office in Downing Street exaggerated the threat posed by Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the BBC reports.

There is still no sign of either the BBC or Downing Street backing down.

Tonight BBC director-general Greg Dyke will brief the corporation's governors on why he is standing by its reporting of the way intelligence was used to make the case for war.

The BBC quoted a senior source in the intelligence community who claimed that Downing Street had "sexed up" the first of its dossiers on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

In an interview in today's Observer, Tony Blair says he take it as about as serious an attack on his integrity as there could possibly be."

I thought the Iraq war was over and that shock and awe peace reigned supreme, but here we have some deluded loose cannon mercenary still taking pot shots at the messenger.

An attack on his frigging WHAT!? Here he goes, exaggerating again. This man of principle and integrity who was happy to bandy about an "intelligence" dossier on Iraq plagiarised from academic papers. A grubby, outdated, worthless, reworked piece of paper ripped from "The Book of Kells" that had Tony Chamberpot proudly declaring "peace war in our time."

Let's let Tone's own words be the BBC's defence. "Appearing on the BBC last night, Blair said he still believes he is right to argue that Iraq poses a clear danger to the world. "I may be wrong, but I do believe it," the Prime Minister said at one point."

I sympathise. I know the Earth isn't flat and doesn't rest on the back of tortoises, but I don't like standing too close to the edge perchance I topple over into the abyss.

A word from the wise Tone, talk softly and mendaciously ... but carry a big parachute.