Sunday, March 02, 2003

It's time to post again. They've let me run loose in the yard for the last hour! It's been so refreshing to actually see the sky! It is dark out now so I only got to see the little lights of the stars glimmering in the dark, it was cold I had to come in early for the medication.

Occasionally I get email from those wishing help with their problems, such as Why is the US going to invade a basically stoneage country run by a sociopath? We need to invade ourselves first, as we have the largest number of nuclear and biological weapons, and our country is being run by frat boys. You always wondered what it would be like to be in a country run by them didn't you? I know this was one of your fondest dreams when you were in collage. You knew that Smegma Nu could do a better job than those damn sociology majors in the Political Science Department! Well now it's happened, we are all ruled by the Skull and Bones Society, kind of ironic isn't it? Now you discover, that much like anyone else they make mistakes that they try to blame on others, they are no different than anyone else, so don't hold them up for ridicule for being no different, hold them up to ridicule for pretending to be different than anyone else.

"We are the same!" their spin doctored press releases proclaim, in print and on TV, "We are going to bring the rule of Frat boys to Iraq, and they will love us for it!" Inspiring isn't it? This kind of talk always makes me sigh a lot and weep in secret, for the poetry of it all. "Our massive attack will bring out the goodness in us all, and make the little children safer for having been made to disappear under a storm of robotic drones armed with the latest in cybersmart warheads!" I love this kind of talk. I wish I was a DOD planner! When I grow up that's what I want to do, plan strategic carpet bombing of civilian/military targets for the Skull and Bones Society.