Saturday, March 08, 2003

With a full scale conflict between the Middle East and the Western Nations charging round the corner (ten days and counting until Saddam's deadline)...Muslim versus Christian, dickhead versus cretin...with the UN fractured possibly beyond repair and George Bush jr and Tony Blair plunging the world into an ever widening crevasse of social, political and cultural rifts...with a now estimated half a million innocent people about to die horribly (UN them and weep, Blair...just because you haven't seen the document doesn't mean the figures don't exist...and where the fuck do you get off on the idea that you wouldn't go to war if you thought half a million people would die? The previous estimate of 100,000 deaths was acceptable was it? Fucking twat!)...with the dawn of a new dark age creeping across our opened eyes...of censorship, of human rights violations...of the shit really hitting the these dark and troublesome times my thoughts have turned towards religion. (Besides which somebody's getting married at church round the corner today and those stupid fucking bells are starting to get on my tits.)

I've decided that if reincarnation exists then I don't want to come back to this Earth again. Returning to such a remedial, power-crazed, money-grabbing, twat filled, brain-dead, moron-run planet would be the same as having to sit the first year in Nursery School over and over and over again. It'd be like reaching forty-odd years old and still having aggressive, noisy and ignorant tossers as your peers...or more precisely, in charge of the classroom. Fuck that for a game of paedophiles!

Nope...I'm hoping that God exists. Seriously I am. And I'm also hoping that he's some long-haired, pot-smoking rebel from the 60's. I want to be there when George and Tony shuffle off this extremely mortal coil and face their judgement. "So...I give you ten simple commandments, a few iddy-biddy by-laws and all the power in the world...and let's see what you've done. Thou shalt not kill? You fucked that one up good and proper didn't you? Turn the other cheek? gold stars there. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven...Peter...get the camel and the bodkin then fuckers, get threading!"

Ten days (well, nine now) and then a brief pause before the inevitable hostilities from the world's most arrogant, fucked up tosspots break out. Let's hope they've managed to get some underwear, bog roll and rations to the British troops by then. Collateral damage to be resumed within the fortnight.