Monday, June 02, 2003

Did Tony spin Blair doctor intelligence reports handed to him by the British Secret Service in order to drum up public support for an unnecessary war? Did Jack Straw and Colin Powell really have a secret liaison in which they worried about the issue of WMD being a genuine reason to attack Iraq? Did the WDM exist in the first place or were they all a fabrication to justify the invasion of an independent state?
Who gives a bollock!?
We're missing the bigger picture here.
Fact: The Iraqi government did not use WDM against invading forces.
Fact: If ever they had a reason to use them a huge invasion force would have been it.
Fact: Bush and Blair claimed they needed to go to war against Iraq because ' was a nation harbouring WDM that it would use without provocation against neighbouring territories.'
Fact: Iraq had plenty of provocation and still failed to produce the WDM.
Fact: The war had been decided and agreed the minute Bush Jr got into power. In fact it had been worked out by Rumsfelt and his cronies years ago in lieu of the so-called New World Order.
Fact: The reasons for the war have not been justified, therefore the war itself was illegal.
Fact: The thousands of innocent people who died in the conflict can no longer be considered as 'casualties of war' but 'murder victims'.
Fact: In Texas they still sentence murderers to death row.
Fact: George Bush, one time governor of Texas responsible for sending countless murderers to their deaths, will not be meeting the same fate as justice demands.
Fact: We're all fucked. We're living in a totalitarian regime. The vast majority of people have not only been hoodwinked by all this bullshit but continue to staunchly defend it. As Winston Smith said, somewhat prematurely, "You can destroy my body but you will never alter my mind."
Fact: Christopher Biggins is a big fat bender with no talent.
Fact: I've run out of steam on this one and I'm going to stop after this sentence.