Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Received in an e-mail from the mysterious Dr. G. (I've no idea who he is but he threatened me by dangling a puppy over a vat of acid. Naturally I have decided to comply with his wishes and post the e-mail in full because I don't want my living room stinking of crisp puppy fat.)

I presume this is the way one hands one's rants in. The Scragends guestbook part is bit too short for any serious ranting:

It's time for some comment on the GM farce that is just occuring:

Public consultation on GM foods

1) The public have no idea about GM.

2) This is because the government keep almost all of the real facts secret.

3) Why would anyone in their right mind invite an uneducated majority to consultation?

4) Either to about-turn and get votes from the hoi-polloi, or to ignore (as per usual) but placate the public in the meantime.

5) Why are we bothered about GM in the first place?

6) Not for any particularly sound biological reason but because of US sci-fi drivel like the X-files.

7) Frankenfoods, my arse.

8) We and everything around us are a product of GM.

9) We just call it natural selection, instead.

10) GM just speeds up NS.

10) Ergo, if GM is bad we should all be exterminated.

11) That would solve all government issues.

Dr. G.

Editor's note: I'm forced to agree. Not only because it's all true but because I just heard the fizz of the puppy's tail.