Friday, June 06, 2003

The True Face of the War: Channel 4 last night.

Disgusting! Shocking! Repugnant! Fascinating!
Quite possibly the best documentary I've seen on television this year...although, frankly, that's not saying a lot. But you know that when highly respected reporters such as John Snow and John Simpson feel the need to get together to tear back the blanket of propaganderous bullshit and reveal the true, fucked-up under belly of what really happened (and is still happening) in Iraq then it's got to be worth watching.
And it was.
My only regret is that programme wasn't shown until a quarter past eleven at night. Obviously you couldn't expect anything else considering some of the footage, but as John Snow himself said, "I'd rather have my children know the truth about conflict so that they can develop informed opinions than remain in ignorance."
My other regret is that this programme will never be shown in America. At least I doubt it will, despite some eminent American journalists supplying their own 'military censored' footage and personal stories.
I don't want to see another Star Spangled Banner waved or hung from a building ever again. I don't want to see another Union Jack held triumphantly in the air. I am sickened by the bullshit of politicians. I'm fucked off with wankers who go on about 'freedom of speech' and 'liberation'. If you get the chance, watch this programme and all the others that Channel 4 have been showing in this series.
Still pro-war? Take another look. You might loose that warm, comfortable feeling that goes with being patriotic. But what you'll gain in knowledge far exceeds it.
Hmmm...a bit of a serious blog for me tonight, eh? Fuck's been a long week and I thought I'd end on a bum note.