Sunday, June 01, 2003

It's Amazing!

Meet Derek and his superb post office!

Derek's been busy for the last twenty-five years building up one of the best combined stationers, post-offices and Canon Laser Printing studios in Europe. Unrivalled in Fleetwood (and indeed the rest of the World) for stuff such as Sellotape, Pritt Sticks and Blue Tac, Derek and his curvaceous assistant, have cornered the market in the sort of professional, friendly service you'd associate with five star excellence.
So visit Derek today! Buy a stamp! Cash a postal order! Sniff some glue and enjoy the wide range of greetings cards they have in stock! A fantastic day out for all the family!

Please note: Although Derek has reached an agreement with me to print SKUNK Magazine at an extremely low price, this has nothing to do with my admiration for his magnificent shop and my sudden desire to plug his unique services. I did not, have not, and never will, stoop to gratuitous advertising simply to achieve my own ends. Also I never held a meeting with Colon Powell before the start of the Iraq War to discuss my fears that intelligence reports concerning WMD were total bollocks.