Thursday, July 31, 2003

The best $30 million the State Department never had to part with.

"The US State Department says Secretary of State Colin Powell has approved a $US30 million reward to the person who led US forces to Saddam's sons.

Spokesman Richard Boucher declined to name the recipient of the reward, $15 million for each son, but media reports have said he is Nawaf al-Zeidane, the businessman in whose house the pair took refuge in the northern city of Mosul. "

What are the odds of Mr. Nawaf al-Zeidane getting to the Post Office unscathed to collect his giro and living to a ripe old age in the lap of luxury courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer?

Pity the Pentagon's Futures Market Plan has been scuppered. I wouldn't have minded having a lazy dollar or six on Mr. Nawaf al-Zeidane's future.