Saturday, August 02, 2003

The United States released digitally altered pictures of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on Friday that coalition forces are using in their efforts to track him down.

The U.S. military images -- which were posted on the U.S. Central Command Web site Friday -- show five versions of Saddam. One shows him with his dyed black hair and a full beard; another wearing a salt-and-pepper beard and a white headdress with black bands; two poses show him with what would probably be his natural hair color -- gray -- and a mustache; and another shows him with gray hair and no mustache.

Another set of images of the former Iraqi leader is being distributed only to members of Task Force 20 -- the elite military group charged with finding Saddam.

The Rant of the Week's editor has been on secondment to MI5 for the past week. Armed with his new Kodak Box Brownie the editor has generated the following digitally altered pictures to Task Force 20. By special arrangement with MI5 these photos are able to be shown exclusively here at the Rant of the Week. (DISCLAIMER: These arrangements have nothing to do at all at all with the editor possessing compromising photos of the head of MI5 naked bar for a pair Anne Widdicombe's paisley hot-pants in which were secreted Edwina Currie, John Major, 15 of the royal corgis and the lost tribesmen of the Kalahari.)

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