Friday, August 01, 2003

Argentinian supermarkets take the piss.

Argentina's dirty supermarket
secret revealed

A national debate has begun in Argentina after it was discovered several supermarkets in the province of Mendoza require their employees to wear nappies on the job.

Local government officials have denounced the policy as degrading and humiliating.

At least one union official says it has been a dirty secret in the Mendoza province for years.

Female checkout clerks have been required to wear nappies in order to cut down on time in the toilet.

So? McDonalds has been employing kiddies still in nappies for years.
And just when you think the sheet shit covered Ku Klux Klanners had plumbed all depths ... along come these sophisticated little gems.

How long does it take a nigger to pass a turd? Nine months.


Subtle and tasteful

Courtesy of the Grand Dragon at where "The Movement Is Getting Bigger & Bigger.... And I'm Sure Glad I'm Not A Nigger".

I'm against capital punishment.
I'm against censorship.
I'm against limitations on freedom of expression.
I'm against the thought police.
I'm not against having these lads taken out into a sports stadium and stoned to death.
I'm not against being selectively inconsistent.