Monday, March 31, 2003

Editor's note: The total bugger up in the Rant of the Week communications system has, hopefully, now been cleared. The posting above these words resulted in a huge yellow box wiping out the rest of the board. Fortunately the First Thunderbolt & Lightfoot Engineers were on standby. Following many tense hours of what the army would call a 'botched job' they have finally sorted the mess that Deputy Editor Sedgwick's friendly fire created...albeit in a paired down manner. Apologies for the inconvenience. We will now return you to an evening of Saddam's Greatest Hits.

Deputy Editor apologises must humbly. In my defence, the posting was hunky dory on my machine. I can only assume that the censorious shadow of the Department of Blogland Security was cast over my offering. I have removed the offensive offending article from the board but it can be seen in all it's pointless incisive glory here ... did you get that ... HERE!




"Chairman of CNN Bruce Rumsfeld ("No relation other than that the other guy is my brother") convened an emergency meeting today at CNN headquarters in Las Vegas.

Addressing the Board of Directors compromising comprising Chuck Rumsfeld, Billy Joe Bob Rumsfeld, Eugene Rumsfeld and Jebediah ("No relation at all to my dad Dick") Cheney and the staff of CNN Mr. Rumsfeld said, "Gentlemen we have the Mother of all crises on our hands and we are going to have to make changes ... "

One more time ... full gory details here.

Footnote and fine quote ... "You can forget any semblance of journalism from Mr Murdoch's Fox News because it is so far embedded that its performance is positively unhygenic".