Saturday, April 05, 2003

US Marines digging up suspected chemical arms site

"US Marines were digging up a suspected chemical weapons hiding place in the courtyard of an Iraqi school southeast of Baghdad on Saturday.

The Marines said that a man who described himself as a former member of the Iraqi special forces told them that groups of Iraqi men had knocked down a wall of the girls school two months ago, hidden something in the courtyard and then concreted it over again during the course of three nights.

"We don't have a clue now but we're going to dig it up and see," General James Mattis, the commander of the Marine Division which is the main Marine ground force in Iraq, said at the scene.

Marine forces were digging up the heavy concrete laid in the courtyard of the school in the dusty town 80 km south-east of Baghdad."

General James Mattis is currently examining "The Diary of Fred bin West aged 55¼".
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